Telem has a variety of one-time only and ongoing volunteer opportunities that are program based.

For one day events such as our dance classes, picnic on International Day of the African child, community service day, museum visit or movie outings we typically need volunteers to help with promoting the event, set up as needed, registration and chaperone of participants, photography and clean up of the event space.

For multi-day programs such as Telem Camp, Radio Workshops, Oral History Project or SAT Prep, we need volunteers to be camp counselors, workshop/activity leaders and instructors.  We are also always in need of donated space to host these programs as Telem does not have its own offices. Perhaps you are a member of a student organization at your college, or live in a building with a community space or perhaps you work at an organization that is willing to donate space. Volunteers can provide critical support in helping us secure donated space to host these multi-day programs.

For ongoing programs such as our tutoring and mentoring, we need volunteers able to commit to set times to work with Telem youth. Tutoring requires a once a week commitment and mentoring requires a once a month commitment.

To apply for any of the volunteer opportunities described above, please submit a resume and a completed volunteer application to

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