During the Public Speaking workshop, 4 campers learned ways to communicate without words, convey feelings and meanings with facial expressions and body gestures, practice tone, pitch and voice variation, and learn how to focus on the content they are delivering and not what people might think.

Campers got a chance to express freely- any feelings they have felt before or were feeling at the time of the workshop. Feelings like frustration, confusion, surprise, pride, victory, sleepy, exhaustion, wonder, satisfaction, hunger, anger, playfulness, sadness,and joy. In communication, some of us have difficulty expressing what we really want to convey. By doing this exercise, campers learned how they can use these expressions in their daily lives.

This workshop focused on delivery and less on content because usually, speakers have the content – they know what they want to say, we want our campers to learn how to get people to listen and be interested in what they have to say.

Public Speaking Slide Show:

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