Telem offers a camp for children ages 5-16, in addition to cultural events, community building, education enrichment and leadership development programs for children of all ages.

Check out our programs for more information:

Telem Camp – an annual three-day culture camp for children ages 5-16. This camp provides a fun and safehaven for children of African descent to connect with each other, celebrate their shared heritage, and embrace their African values in a multicultural context. Telem Camp is committed to promoting a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and experiences among participants. Activities include arts & crafts, African drumming & dance, photography, radio, sports and swimming. Check out our Camp Highlights!

Community Building Programs – provide information, access to resources, and an environment where African families feel a sense of belonging through picnics, volunteer opportunities and other events. Check out our 2012 Community Building Programming!

Cultural Events Programs –promote and celebrate African cultures through storytelling, childhood games, dance classes and African cuisine tastings.  Telem also plans outings to cultural institutions to expose children to a diverse array of traditions and experiences. Check out our 2012 Cultural Events Programming!

Educational Enrichment Programs – provides referrals to tutoring and mentoring programs and whenever possible, connect volunteer tutors with families seeking academic assistance for their children.  In June 2012, Telem launched a pilot academic and SAT tutoring program.  In collaboration with Alexandra Zabriskie of A to Z tutor and the Vanderbilt YMCA, Telem offered a prep course from June to August 2012, which provided students with a basic knowledge of the tests and provided an opportunity for students to learn and practice concepts that appear on the PSAT/SAT.

Leadership Development Programsempower youth to become ambassadors and agents of change in their communities by teaching them radio journalism and communication skills to address issues that concern them – such as: immigration, identity, environmental justice, economic opportunities and education.  Check out our 2012 Radio Workshop exploring parent child relationships and immigration!