You can advocate for Telem as a general member, advisory board or board member.

General member

Telem depends on the support of its members. When you join Telem today, you will help us nurture self-possessed and confident African youth who can serve as cultural ambassadors that  effect change in their local communities and, reach out to other communities to increase understanding and tolerance in this diverse society.


Given the traditional African practice of raising children by community participation, we invite you to join our global village and make a significant contribution towards the development of these cultural ambassadors and community leaders.


Apply online here                       Download General member application

Advisory Board members

• Provide advice on areas relevant to Telem’s mission and vision to the Board of Directors.
• Convene once a year at minimum for a face-to-face or conference call meeting.
• Form committees and meet as needed to assist with goals/objectives set by the Board of Directors.
• Participate in fundraising for the organization.
• Stay informed about the organizations work and events by reviewing board meeting minutes and other reports.


Board members

Support the work of Telem and provide mission-based leadership, strategic governance and fundraising.  This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about Telem’s mission and can help Telem grow in the areas of fundraising, grant writing, marketing, membership development and strategic planning.
Board Members
• Pay annual board member dues and meet annual fundraising obligations.
• Regularly attend board meetings and important related meetings.
• Participate in fundraising for the organization.
• Make serious commitment to actively participate in the board’s program planning and work.
• Volunteer for and willingly accept assignments; complete them thoroughly and on time.
• Stay informed about Telem matters, prepare well for meetings, and review and comment on minutes and reports.
• Is accountable for communicating the direction of Telem to internal and external stakeholders.
Apply online                           Download Board member application