About Us


Who are we?

Telem Center for the African Child, Inc is a New York based non-profit organization that provides cultural, educational and recreational programs for children of African descent to explore and celebrate their heritage.

Telem is a secular, nonpartisan non-profit organization.

Who do we serve?

Telem primarily serves children and families of African descent in the New York City region.

What does the word ‘Telem’ mean?

“Telem, a Yoruba term of West African origin, means a safe haven.”

Our Mission 

Telem is a non profit providing children of African descent an opportunity to celebrate their cultural heritage, invoke a sense of pride in their ancestry, and increase their self esteem through recreational camping activities, cultural and education programs.

Our Vision

Telem aims to nurture self-aware and confident individuals who serve as cultural ambassadors that go on to effect change in their local and global communities and increase understanding and tolerance in this diverse society.




500 kids


11 community and cultural organizations and colleges


100 volunteers