Dear Telem Supporter,

From March 2011 to March 2019, Telem provided a safe, fun and educational environment for African children around New York to connect to their heritage, improve their academics and serve their community. Public support and generosity enabled us to implement a myriad of programs over the past eight years, including:

• Telem Camp – children ages 5-16 explored and celebrated their African heritage at six annual sleepaway camps.

• SAT Prep Courses – high school youth participated in Telem-sponsored short-term, small group review courses to assist in their preparation for the college entry standardized exam.

• Community Service Programming – Telem youth gave back to their community throughout the years by volunteering at nursing and rehabilitation centers, clothing and food pantries, NYC parks and daycare centers.

• Radio Workshops – participants learned leadership, public speaking, interviewing and editing skills while tackling topics of identity, street harassment, and concepts of family.

• Oral History Project – participants explored the complicated issues and narratives that shape identity.

• Girl Time – young women participated in various events to increase their self-esteem and foster respect, e.g. Vision Board GirlTime, Ice Skating at Riverbank State Park GirlTime, Career Day Picnic GirlTime.

Unfortunately, Telem’s board voted to dissolve in March 2019 due to limited human and financial resources. We are proud of all we have been able to accomplish, and we extend our sincerest thanks to all our donors, supporters, volunteers, past and current board and advisory board members who made it all possible. We hope that you will continue to find opportunities to support our youth.

Yours sincerely,

Diana Musa, President
Carline Bennett
Bethany Davis Noll
Salimata Seck
Maty Sow